Difference between BDSM Escorts and Fetish Escorts

BDSM escorts

What’s more, one partner dominates over the other. That’s where domination and submission comes in. During the appointment, you may dominate over the companion or allow the companion to dominate over you. However, you can change roles with BDSM escorts after some time. Thus, there are no fixed roles for the partners during the appointment. It depends on what you agree with your companions.

Fetish escorts

With these models, you can try out something kinky that you may have kept to yourself because you’ve not had a partner that is ready to help you out. Fetish escorts present a combination of wild and elegance. They are ideal models for erotic exploration because they don’t have inhibitions. Basically, these babes take time to understand what clients desire before they provide it. They don’t judge clients and they are always happy to play along the fantasies of their clients.

Basically, there is a slight difference between escort agency and fetish escorts. Consider it carefully to book the right companions and enjoy your desired experience.


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